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How to do a Self Test for Depression

If you're depressed for no good reason, it might be a hormone deficiency. At home try to do this- Place an oral thermometer on your bedside table. As soon as you awaken, take the thermometer into your armpit for 10 minutes. A temperature below 97.8 F may point to low thyroid or adrenal activity. Possible treatment would be a prscribed medication by your physician.

Natural-light deprivation causes depression. The less you are exposed to natural unfiltered light, the more depressed you are likely to feel. Sunlight appears to stimulate the production of melatonin, a hormone that influence mood, sleep and fertility.

Try to spend at least 15 minutes a day outside to get some sunshine. Look on the sunnyside wherever you go, no matter what the weather always - that's one pathway to happiness.

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