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How to treat minor burns?

How to treat minor burns
Minor burns are caused by grabbing hot objects without realizing how hot they are or spilling hot drinks or boiling water. Most of these burns involve the hand. It's very important that hand burns must be treated more aggressively than burns on most other parts of the body because the hands contain delicate muscles and tendons in a relatively small area. If not treated quickly, permanent damage can occur.

Here's how you're going to treat minor burns:

*Run cool water over the burn- This will ease the pain and even reverse some damage.

* Apply salves liberally-You can use several over the counter products such as petroleum jelly, shark liver oil or aloe Vera gel or if you have a plant of aloe Vera- obtain the gel part inside the plant.-They can be used temporarily to ease the stinging.

* Vinegar- most minor burns can easily be treated by dabbing the burned area with a piece of brown paper or paper towel soaked in white vinegar. In most cases, relief is felt in seconds. Once the pain subsides, dab on some antibacterial ointment that can be bought over the counter and wrap loosely in gauze.

* Monitor the burns very closely since burns are very susceptible to secondary infections. If it shows any signs of infection- go and see a Doctor.

Things to Avoid with Minor Burns:

* Ice - although ice can make a burn feel better, a burn packed in ice or immersed in ice water can make the injury worse. Warning- You can get a burn by grabbing very cold as well as very hot objects.

* Butter - the salt in the butter will aggravate a burn.

I hope you learn now on how to treat minor burns.

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