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I am tire today

Today is my rest day but our boss asked me yesterday to have an overtime today but the problem is that he will not pay me because we are always under time. We only spent eight hours daily and it is only five times a week. Anyway I did not have any grudge to my boss and even if I am tired today at least I stretched my body today because I lacked exercise.

By the way if you feel tired always don't hesitate to consult your doctor. If you are tired without any reason then this is alarming. Are your legs tired and weary always? This might be a sign of hyper tension. You may try to massage your body too by an expert massager. Use pain killer ointment if feel tired. This will soothe your body and you will feel relax. There are many massage style today from Swedish to shiatsu. Avoid taking pain killer tablets if possible, this might result to drug addiction.

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