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Impotence Quiz

To rule out other causes of impotence, ask yourself:

* Do I drink? - Alcohol temporarily block erection.

* Do I smoke ? Both tobacco and marijuana have been linked to impotence.

* Do I take any prescribed medications ? - Many heart and hypertension medicationsdiuretics, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers and anticholerginec- cause impotence or erectile dysfunction. One antihypertensive drug that is quite alarming is ALDOMET-causes impotence in a large number of patients who took it. Other culprits are antiulcer drugs, antidepressants and drugs (including estrogen) that suppress male hormones.

The same high fat and cholesterol- heavy diet that can cause hardening of the arteries and stroke are prime causes of impotence. Blood vessels in the penis are damaged by atherosclerosis. Too much dietary fat can cause obesity, which can cause diabetes. Diabetes injures penile nerves. Eating a fatty meal causes men's testosterone to drop significantly one to four hours afterwards. The researchers believe that if a man eats a fatty meal only occasionally, it probably won't affect
his sexual performance but that a man's habitual consumption of fatty foods may have a negative effect.

An herbal extract called yohimbine, made from the bark of an african tree can decrease blood flow out of the penis. It's available by prescription in capsules. (Aphrodine, Yocon and Yohimex ).

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