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Reading Health Magazine

Today I just read some of the best articles in the magazine that I bought yesterday. Whether you are health or sick you need to read this topic every now and then because it will also remind you that the food in your table are still nutritious or not anymore. It reminds me of my experience that when I read articles like dieting, I have the discipline to control my diet but then when I stop reading, I forget that I am on diet and gain back more pounds than before.

If you do not have this kind of magazine, you can search it in the Internet and read it. Many websites now are writing about health and diet topic, just be sure that it is legitimate and these articles are written by someone who are expert on it. I always read the Reader's Digest because it is brief and very informative plus it is really accurate base on the books and newspaper that they digest. Some books are writing about first aid and what to do if there is an accident happening. Also you might try to have a drill for calamity like fire or flood, this might help everyone if the calamity occurs.

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