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Small Business Training

There are many training in our country that might interest you if you are an expatriate. While working abroad you can start a small business which can be managed by your wife or husband if you are far away. Don't waste your time while you are still earning. One business that is now good is food business. This is good though you need lots of work everyday.

many of us forget to realize that working abroad is not a long term job, that anytime you could be jobless. There is no guarantee working abroad so the best thing to do is to save 80% of your money and invest it. TESDA offer many small business management and what to do and how to start it. Management Training is very important in every business. It is vital to learn on how to manage your business otherwise you will end up losing your capital. They will teach you the basic of business as what I have experienced five years ago. They also offer technical short courses like electricity, agro business, dress making, computer courses and others.

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