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Surgery Acceptance Increased

Surgery for beauty enhancement was not that acceptable because of many reasons. One of the reasons is biblical in nature which said that you should not change what God has created or something to that effect. But according to the news, people are beginning to accept surgery as an alternative for beauty preservation or beauty creation. Like for example nose lift, face lift and other procedure. The increasing acceptance is not for celebrities but to ordinary people like businessmen and others who can afford the operation.

Liposuction is also very popular to obese people who want to loss weight faster and easier. Dieting and exercise is very tiring and discouraging, the solution is surgery. In my country it is very popular and even indorse by celebrities. In my own opinion, plastic surgery is ok if you do it because your face was deformed or you need it to enhance your confidence especially if you are in show business world. But if you are an ordinary guy or gal and surgery is not needed then why would you go for it.

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