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Tea or Coffee?

I read many articles about coffee and tea. They both claimed that coffee is better than tea and the other writer claimed that tea is better. I am a coffee lover than a tea. I drink tea too here in Saudi Arabia because Arabs offer tea rather than coffee. Tea here is much popular than coffee though they have coffee which they call Gawa and it is made in different way, far from brewed and instant coffee that we have.

They said that coffee is not good because of caffeine and it will facilitate in hyper tension if you have. Well it is true but I only consume four glasses of coffee per day which according to the expert is tolerable. Coffee can help you combat fatigue and weariness, it is a stimulant. Aside from that it is also lie tea with high level of anti oxidant. The other ads and writer claimed that it has a high level of fiber which is good for our diet.

Tea on the other hand is high in anti oxidant too especially the green tea. It will also help you loss weight and can make your skin glow. In my case I like coffee because I feel full when I drink one glass of it. I only drink with a maximum of four glass.

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