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Walking is the best exercise

If you have no time to exercise like weight lifting and aerobics then walking is the best thing to do. According to study walking briskly with your arms can help you loss weight than having a weight lifting or other form of exercise. It can also help you not to eat food because it is natural and slow which will not sweat you out. Exercising with force or weight can make you hunger that will crave you for more food.

Walking like for example going to grocery store is the best because you will enjoy buying and forget other things but remember you have to list all you need to buy before going to the store otherwise you will end up spending to much and you will forget saving your money for investment. Scrubbing the floor can also help you reduce weight and cholesterol in your body.

In my personal experience I lost weight by walking from our office to our villa every afternoon after work. This is very effective and of course not eating to much food with sugar, cooking oil, salt and having a moderate carbohydrates.

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