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Here's what to do for stomach acid self test: If you suffer from stomach pain, you can determine whether the problem is caused by excess stomach acid by this simple test-When you have the pain, swallow a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. If this makes the pain go away, you must likely have too little stomach acid, not too much.

If it makes your symptom worse, then you may have an overly acidic stomach. For rapid relief of pain, drink a large glass of water. This dilute the stomach acids and flushes them out through the stomach and doudenum.

If symptoms are severe, eat soft foods such as avocados, bananas I don't about banana cake recipe if it is okay, potatoes, squash and yams. Do not consume coffee,even decaffeinated or alcohol beverages. Allow tea and other hot beverages to cool before drinking them.

Otherwise they may trigger gastric discomfort. Do not drink cow's milk. Even though it neutralizes existing stomach acid, the calcium and protein it contains actually stimulate the production of more acid, and it is known to be associated with the occurrence of ulcers. Almond, rice or soy milk are good substitutes.

Reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates, as they have been linked to peptic

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