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Effects of Stress

Excessive stress is harmful. Chronic exposure to stress over a long time does not only cause temporary “pain in the neck” or migraine headache but nay cause more serious disease. Griffin claims that chronic stress can take a physical tool contributing to blood clotting. Hans Selye a pre-eminent researcher in this field claims that hypertension, cardiovascular disease, heart ailments and aging is nothing but the “scars” left by the stress of life. Extreme stress such as physical violence can lead to long term mental and neurologic symptoms including impaired memory, anxiety, and depression. Sleep disturbance, sexual dysfunction.

Some case of irreversible brain damage associated with cerebral atrophy had been associated to serve stress. Helping others with problems bigger than you own distracts you from dwelling on your own problems. Concern for others elevates your spirit and immunological hardiness. Awareness to stress can bring a tool to one’s health, it will do well to identify other ways to reduce stress even before they are experienced: Know your limitations. Biting more than you can chew can be self-defeating. This means that you should know just how much you can handle given the limited time and numerous schedules before you.

Maintaining good physical health. Good eating habits, plenty of rest, adequate exercise, and staying away against stress. Relax. Take a break. Once you recognize the existence of stress, spend restful moments that have refreshing effect. These are some ways on how to manage stress.

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