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Fruit flavored ICE CREAM

Fruit Flavored Ice Cream
Materials/equipment needed:

* Electric mixer, sauce pan, ice cream container, fresh fruit in season, strainer, spatula, mixing bowl, ladles


* 6 cans condensed milk
* 1 kilo cornstarch
* fruit in season (fresh)


1. Open frozen evaporated milk and pour it in the mixing bowl. Beat it gradually then add condensed milk beating well after each addition. Set aside.
2. Bring to boil 2 cups water then add 1 cup corn starch then stir it until well mixed. As soon as the cornstarch mixture is ready pour it to the evaporated/condensed milk mixture.
3. Continuously beat the mixture until no lumps are seen/
4. Pour it in prepared containers by straining it first to make sure the mixture is fine.
5. Add desired fruit flavor or food coloring.
6. Freeze it again then wait until it sets.
7. Serve in cones or cups as desired.

3 reaction:

Kim said...

yum Edward!!!
your papaya post was very interesting reading
I will have to get some ..
oh and try out this yummy ice cream recipe too :)

maria said...

i've always thought the ice cream is pretty hard to make. you make it sounds so easy. thanks for sharing the recipe, i will keep a copy of it.


Tina said...

oh my now your just teasing me now on my diet with those fab pictures haha!

i have never tried to make it. maybe i should give it a go ...

thanks for stopping by my place Game FreakZ and commenting :)

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