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How to deal with Worry

How to deal with worries?

How to deal with worry?

Dr. Wyne Dyr in his book our Erroneous Zones considered worry as a useless emotion. There are many ways of dealing with worry and Dr. Hallowell gives some of the practical tips: Exercise. Regular exercise has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression. It drains excess aggression and frustration, enhance a sense of well-being, improve sleep, and aid concentration. Make connections. Connect with friends, family, organization, church and work. You increase your feeling of strength and reduce your sense of vulnerability. Add structure to your life.

Write a daily schedule. Many everyday worries are related to disorganization – schedule forgotten, things lost, misplaced, overlooked, etc. Do something you like. When you are engaged in a task you enjoy, worry is the least that you will likely do. Don’t drink excessively. Alcohol is a depressant. It can only render you less capable of dealing with worry. Chronic use of alcohol accelerates aging. Get up. Walk, talk to a friend, hug a friend or someone you love and play with you own pet. Have a good cry. Sometimes worry is a put-up sadness.

A good cry can wash away bad worries. Crying is nature’s way of lowering levels of the brain chemicals that cause distress. Laugh. Humor is one of the best ways of dealing with worry or stresses in life. Laugh breaks drastically lower personal stress level. Let music in. Soft music can reach the mind. It reduces tension and anxiety. Sing. It’s hard to worry and sings at the same time. Smile. Be happy. Talk to God. Studies reveal that there are lower rates of depression among those who pray. Prayer and meditation calm our troubled.

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