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How to look Professional

My friend who is a businessman look cheap. Many of his friends including me will not believe that he could have a good deal in business though he tried many times. I told him that he need to change image. If you are rich and in business world you should look expensive so that many clients will respect you and will give their trust too. I asked him why every businessman will wear formal and elegant, it is because they want everyone, be it a client or customer be pleased and respect them. Wearing an elegant wear like watch and jewelry will reflect who you are. It is also a trademark that will let them remember you easily. Like for example if you wear
patek phillipe watches brand, they will remember the guy who wear such watches and will probably approve your proposal.

Dress to success is very important in business meeting. You have to convey your personality to them. A good pair of shoes is also very important with business attire is a must. Having a good kind of jewelry whether you are a man or a woman can help you in your deals. Buy them because they are an investments too if you are in corporate world. You do not have to buy a dozen of them but two pieces each will be fine. I would suggest you to buy breitling watches for you and to your wife. These watches are timeless so you will not be ashamed to wear them in any occasion and any time to come.

Buy a good and well known brand like patek philippe.

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