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Melon, Sweet Corn, Buko Pandan

melon,sweet corn, buko pandan
Summer is now approaching and I can feel the heat, you can cut it with a knife. Wait a minutes I have a good remedy for this hot summer. Why not try a shake or any cold dessert which are abundant in our tropical place like tender sweet corn, Melon, Young coconut fruit or Pandan.

Here is a simple recipe for this thirsty months. Quench yourself with these delicious fruits and enjoy. By the way these flavors are now available in powder if you are far from the nature to have a fresh fruits. Choose the fruit that you like.


* Pearl shake powder
* ½ cup Water
* 3 cups of crushed ice
* Sago


* Put ½ cup of water into blender.
* Empty contents into blender and mix for 10 seconds
* Add 3 cups crushed ice and mix for 45 seconds
* Pour shake into cup with sago.

Remember also that Corn is beneficial to your health. Here are the health benefits of Corn.

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