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Men eat more meat than women - Diet Survey

I read a book that entitled "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" and though I loved reading the book, I laughed when I read about this survey. Yeah Mars has lots of meat and pizza while Venus has yogurt, fruits and vegetables. Well according to telephone interview to about 14,000 American, men prefer to eat meat like burgers and pizza while women eat more fruits and vegetables.

But surprisingly men eat more asparagus, Brussels sprouts,peas and peanuts than women who prefer to eat eggs, fresh hamburgers, yogurts and fruits. Men also were bigger consumers of frozen pizzas, frozen hamburgers and frozen Mexican dinners. Men also love to eat runny eggs, undercooked burgers that may be the source of food contamination that can make you sick.

Women will likely to eat raw Alfalfa Sprouts that according to study for 15 years may cause food poisoning. The survey also found out that eating green leafy vegetables had caused foodborne outbreaks since 1973. I knew that green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins but I think the best way is to cook it will. This is based on the news in CNN.Com so you may need more research on this.

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