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Monitor Your Blood Pressure

If you are in your thirties and above like 40's, 50's and up, you need to monitor your blood pressure. Blood pressure monitors can save you life. There are many lives that are wasted because of negligence. Eating good kind of foods like fruits and vegetables is a must. High fiber foods can lower bad cholesterol and make you healthy and far from diseases.

Another thing to do is to exercise everyday like scrubbing the floor, washing your clothes manually and walking around. Sweat it out and do not indulge yourself with junk foods. To make it more fun, invite your friends to be with you and you make a plan for losing weight. You could prefer healthy foods like carrots, fruits, potatoes as long as it they are fresh and nutritious that would be fine. Now if you are high blood take the walk and avoid salty foods, oil, and by the way consult your doctor maybe you have diabetes that will result to complication. Some people are afraid to visit a doctor or felt that they do not have time to visit, please prioritize this. Hypertension is a traitor disease so avoid it as much as possible. Even if you have tool to measure your blood pressure, it is better to visit a doctor.

If you are not sure what to do, you better search it online an ask questions to the expert. Do not ignore if you have a high blood history in your family, consult the doctor. Avoid pork and other red meat like beef and poultry too.

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