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Nose Lift Surgery

As I have written before I am in favor of any surgery if you need it badly. In the Bible, there is a passage there that you could not change what God has given to you. Yes it might be true but did he give you the best one? Sorry but all are born not equal or maybe it is way how we look for beauty. Not all pointed nose or Caucasian noses are good to look at. There are noses that look like parrot's beak or witch's nose as we described. Asian noses are less pointed that some have small bone structures on them. Whatever it is, it depends on the trend and how people defined beauty.

Another thing is if a person was a victim of accident and it causes it to deform, this needs special operation to regain confidence and of course to have a better image. Actors can also do this because they need to look good in camera. Businessmen as well are OK to have a surgery to enhance confidence in corporate ladder so to speak. But doing it for vanity is I think a big sin, but you have lots of money, who cares, after all it is yourself and you have a right whatever you wish.

Now since you want to do some change in your face or any part of your body, the best thing to do is to find a good and reputable clinic to do the magic. If you are planning to have revision nose surgery then read and make some serious research about it before going to the operation. Remember there are many patients who complained because they were not happy with the outcome. Look for a referral and see for yourself if you are ready psychologically too.

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