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Summer is here again and you know what I missed about this season is the outing like going to vacation in Hong Kong to see Disney Land and enjoy the rides. There are many thinks you can do this summer but if you have no budget because of having many children then it is better to go to beach near to your house or town. Going picnic with friends is jolly and fun. You have to pack your lunch and having a camera that will take shots and photos will last for a life time especially that we are in the age of digital computers, lol.

Anyway I found a store that will give you discount digital camera batteries, hehehe this is funny I am talking about batteries here but don't you think having discount in battery is not good? Think again. Anyway of course there are other items there that are discounted like camera too. You can also buy sporting good like volleyball, badminton set or if you want why not buy gadget for scuba diving, this is more fun to see coral reefs or some manta ray under the sea. For shoes I prefer Adidas my favorite ever since. This is a durable footwear for everyone who are in action. A well known brand and light to your feet.

Well of course not all love to swim, some will only want to go there to see the blue sea and unwind. Listening to music is another alternative for everyone while reading novel and eating barbecue. By the way you better bring cucumber to antidote the satay since eating such kind of food will cause cancer according to study.

Lastly you can buy toys or gameboard to play with your friends and family. Bring some stuffed animals or simply some video games for your kids. If you follow my advice you will have a sound picnic and it will be memorable through the years.

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