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Solve the Pattern

The secret of living healthy is to have a wisdom and knowledge. If you lack knowledge and will easily believe in things that are not worthy of your time then you are bound to doom. There are many people who died because of being ignorant. There are many things in this world that it is very hard to explain, but we have to bear in mind that there is no other powerful force in this world but God. We might believe that there are many extra terrestrial around us but since according to the holy book we are created according to his image so we must be special in the eyes of our almighty.

There are many wonderful and bizarre things around us as most of the writers claim, maybe they want us to be entertained using our imagination. Let us take them as spice of life. Some of them are even hoaxes to stir the newspapers. If they are true at all will fine. This universe is so vast that we could could not explain Gods creation. In Secret Patterns you will read some of the best posts about supernaturals, rare news around the world, UFO and other wonders you can imagine.

Bigfoot was seen in China, Canada and even Europe but until now nobody could prove that he exist in this world. How about you, do you believed that he existed? He is one of the most favorite mystery until recently. There are many characters created by our rich imagination and they are worth listening actually for fun. Some movies depict them as character. I think the best thing to do is to separate them really from illusion and stay fit and healthy.

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