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Stress Management

Stress management involves the teaching of specific coping skills to target populations as a preparation to better handle future stressors. One of the coping skills includes Stress Inoculation Training (SIT) developed by Michenboun (1986) where trainees undergo three phases of training: conceptualization phase, skills acquisition and rehearsal, and application and follow through. In the conceptualization phase, the person is oriented on the nature of stress and its physical and psychological effects on the person. Skills acquisition and rehearsal phase helps client develop varied coping skills. In the application and follow-through phase, the skills learned are applied and follow-up session is done to prevent relapse. Sleep is not simply a period of rest. When we sleep, all activities decrease, the muscle relax, the heartbeat and breathing rates also slow down. During sleep, the body parts relax and get rest counter-acting of the wear and tear of the day’s physical and mental activities.

Sleep is necessary to the mental and physiological well-being of a person. Lack of sleep can kill a person faster than lack of food cited. Benedicto cited the physiological benefits of sleep. According to the Journal of American Health, one of the most important functions of sleep is “to allow the nervous system to recuperate from its use during the day. Sleep restores energy to the body particularly to the brain and the nervous system”. Sleepiness affects one’s performances requiring attention of even minimum mental alertness. Lack of sleep can lead to accident and makes one more irritable and grouchy and impatient.

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