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Tips of Menu – Making

If you love food you should follow the following recommendation. Many people are not aware of this.

The Basic guide in making a menu:

1.0 Try to plan a weekly menu. Avoid having the same menu on the same day of the week.
2.0 Make use of foods in season. They are fresh, wholesome and inexpensive.
3.0 Menu should be flexible to adjust to the availability of food supply.
4.0 For variety, serve foods which have good flavor combination and meals that catch the eye and whet the appetite. When planning for a meal, select dishes which do not make use of the same cooking utensil.
5.0 Plan meal which allows pre-cooking and use of left-over.
6.0 Use perishable items first before using those which have longer keeping utilities.
7.0 Make sure that a meal does not consist of all hot or all cold foods.
8.0 Fried foods and rich pastries are hard to digest. They should not be served together in a meal.
9.0 Make milk, fruit and fruit juices available which are nutritious.

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