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What is Exercise

The physical training of the human body to improve the way it function is known as exercise. Physical fitness through exercise improves the body’s capacity to perform, develop strength and increase resistance to infection and diseases. Exercise keeps the body fit to work against the stressors we face in this fast-pace, competitive modern world. Components of Exercise. Mayo clinic (2003) recommends three components of exercise in 30 minutes daily physical activity: an aerobic activity to gradually raise your heart rate and improve heart health. – Weight lifting every other day helps build muscle and bone and prevent stiffness.

Aerobics exercise is characterized by the continuous moderately strenuous effort that occurs at a pace enabling the heart and lungs to supply the oxygen needed by the muscles (Campton’s Interactive Encyclopedia Deluxe, 1998) Aerobic exercise such as running , swimming, and bicycling improve the body’s ability to transport and consume oxygen efficiently.

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