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Euthanasia or Mercy Killing - what is your opinion?

Mercy Killing or Euthanasia is a big issue until now whether it is really legal or moral do so. Church, especially Catholic condemned this act of helping anyone who suffered very much and having a terminal life to end it not according to the well of God. If I were to ask you about your opinion, what would you say? Is it really a crime to help anyone to stop their suffering even if they gave you a consent to help end their life?

In Paris a severely disfigured woman was found dead. The story was that she wants to end her suffering by asking the doctors to apply mercy killing on her. The argument said that she has a tumor or a rare case of cancer that affect her nasal and made her face ugly plus her eyes were popping out that will look her terribly ugly. She suffered this disease for eight years and it is irreversible so sooner or later she will still go to her grave. The debate by the medical people and church resulted to denial of her wish. In catholic faith in particular, suicide or killing anyone especially yourself is a mortal sin and the church will not even conduct a mass for you.

Sometimes and or more often I think it is not a good reason to deny the wish because even if you have a pet and you see that it suffers a lot then you have to end its suffering by killing it, why we could not do it to anyone who owns her or his body to grant her wish? If God will punish anyone who will do it then why did he let anyone suffer in the first place. Eight years is a long time to make the person mull and repent what he or she did if there is any sin all.

In your own opinion what will you say about Euthanasia? Are you in favor with mercy killing?

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Anonymous said...

My opinion on Euthanasia, is that is it is all together just wrong. It’s a horrid method for saving money, and it devalues the life of humans. It might be extremely cheap for hospitals to buy medicine for assisted suicide than to buy medicine to cure people’s illness, but I think it’s worth it. Some of these people who are terminally ill sometimes have their whole life waiting for them. And if they chose Euthanasia, they won’t ever get to experience some of the joys of living. Not to mention Euthanasia devalues Human Life by a lot. According to BBC, there are people with certain disabilities who are told they shouldn’t be living, that they are a heavy burden on people’s lives. But everyone should be allowed to live out long peaceful lives no matter what. Last but not least, I believe if Euthanasia were to pass as a law, it would get out of hand, and switch from voluntary Euthanasia to involuntary Euthanasia. This meaning that eventually people wouldn’t have the right to ask if they would like a mercy killing or not. That people would then tell them that they would have to have a mercy killing. I think that would definitely get of hand. That’s my stance on Euthanasia.
Student from UNO (P.1)

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