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Back in Tabuk

Yesterday one of the employees in our company returned. Actually he resigned before when I was new here, around one year to be exact. I asked him why, what happened to his business and he said that it is very hard to strike a root in the Philippines especially if your capital is very small. The competition is very stiff and if you have small money to start, big companies and rich businessmen will just eat your capital.

He has a family with two kids and they are now going to school so what he earned is not enough for the daily expenses and school expenses that is why he said he decided to return back to our company. My boss accepted him without hesitation because he has a good performance before and he left the company in a nice way. He exit gracefully. This is what I am interested you know if you are an employee, do not burned the bridge. There are many people who are good and excellent to their field but they do not have work ethics and they don't respect their company so what happened is that they do not have a nerve to return. We sometimes have grievance with our company but I will tell you that there is no perfect company anyway. Different company, different policy so just take one day at a time. There is a saying that if you could not bear the heat, get out from the kitchen, but don't ruin the kitchen anyway.

My piece of advice is to love your work or job, remember there are many people out there who are jobless and no food to eat. Don't commit the same mistake that other people did. It reminds me of a certain guy who was very boastful and arrogant, well right now he is jobless, he spilled the milk at the height of his promotion. To balance your life, you must concentrate on your health and wealth and be happy. Without a permanent source of income is not healthy at all.

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