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Canadian Dollar Versus USA Dollar

Last week my friend in Canada emailed me and asked me about money. He asked me where will he send my money because according to him the Canadian Dollar today is better than that of USA and if I receive the money in Peso he will send it using Canadian Dollar.

Since I was very excited about the money, I told him that I prefer the money in USA Dollar and that he should deposit it in my dollar account. Another thing that came in my mind during that time is that I will use the dollar when I travel abroad. Lately it s true and can't be denied that USA economy is in recession and many people who loan for housing were evicted because they were not able to pay their monthly amortization.

Anyway I am optimistic that next year 2011 will be a good year for American people. We all knew that the whole is affected by this recession so all we have to do is continue our lives.

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