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Get healthy eating green foods

Green leafy vegetables
There are many foods that we ate are considered as green foods like fruits and vegetables but what we are talking right now is the kind of food that we are eating. Most of the time since we are living in big cities or urban areas there are less chances if any that we can eat fresh and natural foods like what our grand parents did before. Today we eat foods which are the products of artificial and advance technology, processed foods that we used insecticides and fertilizers to make our food grow well and abundantly. Get healthy eating green foods by buying fresh from the market or find an organic vegetables. Buy them when they are on season so that the price is cheap.

Natural foods are delicious and healthy. They don't have contamination and chemicals that can cause  diseases and cancers. Many diseases are blamed on foods that we eat everyday. Foods that might not content too much radicals if any are foods in your local area like about 50 miles from your vicinity because usually they don't need preservatives in order to stay them long as fresh. Small farm for local consumption does not use fertilizer most of the time than big farms that are maintained by big companies.

We are actually talking here about organic foods that our grand parents used to eat when all these modern fertilizers and chemicals are not yet invented. Eat more on fresh foods and avoid processes foods. Consume more on local foods like what is available in your areas. Go for brown foods like wheat, cereal because they content more fibers and in fact have lots of vitamins. Though organic food are expensive but you don't have to concentrate on foods that absorb so much chemical like strawberries, peaches, celeries, sweet bell pepper and apple.

The best thing to do is to look for a local products in your area and some of them are even mark with organic labels. Aside from health and wealth concern, you buy cheap and you help your local economy.

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how to make money said...

Go green Go vegetarian is one way you can detoxify your body and also get some real good and healthy skin.. Vegetables are underestimated by people all over the world..

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