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Just buy enough foods

Lately I am out of control. I threw away some foods that I bought because they became spoiled before I could eat them all. Our fridge is small that it could not accumulate to four of us. I never learned my lesson about this, buying and going to the groceries without a budget list on what to buy in a week.

The best thing to do is make a list on what foods to buy because it will save time and money. Just make a list that you can eat in a week and if the stores are near in your home then there is no need to buy frozen foods in volumes like fish and meat. You can also buy vegetables in small quantity because you can not eat much of it in a week and they will get spoiled and all you can do is to throw them away so you will waste money on it. You can buy dried products in volume because these are foods that will not be spoiled easily like rice, noodles, dried bean seeds and can goods like salmon and fruits in cans. Local fruits are cheap if they are on season like watermelon, they are cheap when many vendors sell them.

Dresses and other wears should be bought occasionally, maybe twice a year is OK and do it off season like for winter suite you buy them during summer because at that time they are cheap while for summer wear buy them on winter and you can save more money.

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