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Learn the in and out of Stock Market

One lesson I learned from reading Donald Trump's book is about investment. He said that in investing you have to be aware about your investment, that it is a win and lose situation. You have to read and study the market before you invest. In real estate for example, when the price of lumber will stumble what do you think will happened to other business related to lumber? Of course stock market is a big organism composed of different businesses. Don't trust your money to other people to invest it, after all they will not lose any money but you.

In stock market, you have to read newspapers everyday to know what is going on. If you plan to invest in stock market, use your commonsense like Warren Buffet is doing. You have to study the past performance of the company you want to invest in. Look for the graphics five to 10 years of that company and how it performed in the market before you invest. Stock Market Investing News are rich source of information. If the company is new look who is the owner or who is behind it. Is the people behind them successful in their other business? Is their products good that will last for a long time or forever?

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