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What is Colloidal silver

Today there are many news that came out in the newspapers, television and in the Internet which many people are now using. Honestly, every journalist, writers and newscasters must be responsible to what they share to the public. News is taken by the public seriously that even an opinion can brainwash everyone and change our mind if not can create doubt to the subject.

Right now to make a product sell like hotcake many companies will try to report hoax news and make some invented stories to make their products and service move faster. Beware of these kind of propaganda that can even damage your health. There is a news about colloidal silver that can cause a man change his color, I meant this a news about a man who turn blue because he used this medicine but the fact is he used other kind of compound. Inventing anything or trying to imitate others product by doing it at home is dangerous. My advice is not to use medicine without an approval from the department of health.

Experimenting anything will cause you trouble if you do not consult it to the expert. You might think that you get the right formula but you do not and end up using other kind of compound. Like the blue man who did a homemade colloidal silver but end up doing other compound chemical which is argyria that can turn your color to blue. The thing that you should do is to buy the medicine from the original source and be careful of the imitation that is rampant today.

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