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Female seeds

I found a website that might interest you. This is about Marijuana seeds. The site is telling us that the Marijuana has gender, meaning it could be female or male. It is like Papaya indeed. The male Marijuana could not produce flowers that is used for drugs. I do not know if it is for laboratory drugs or use for addiction. I am not familiar with drugs you know, in fact I never experienced any of it. So to have a flower you need to have a Feminized Seeds. The processed is too complex to write here so it is better to visit the site.

For people who do not speak English but speak Dutch visit Feminisierte Samen for more reading about this herb. I know that this plant is legal in Holland and even prostitution. What a liberated country?

If you are French visit this page, Graines Féminisées and read it. Drug is like sex, there are advantages and disadvantages. To much of it will kill you so use them moderately. Columbia is known to have plantations of this plant for laboratory use but most of the time this plant is used in evil way. It is up to us to think about this. Be responsible.

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Anonymous said...

your knowledge is awful. first of all marijuana and papayas should never have been compared in the first place. secondlt yes marijuana plants are female and male however both can flower.this being said female plants are the only plants that contain thc(tetrahyrdracannibanol). the active ingredient in marijuana that contributes mainly to getting you high.

Mar said...

What I am trying to say is that both plants have sexes but they both have flowers though. The female marijuana is the one that can make you high.

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