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How to live healthy and wealthy?

wealthy and healthy
Health is Wealth
This is how to live healthy and wealthy using common sense. I will make it simple and easy to understand. My neighbor who is now wealthy in our town was once a very poor fellow when I was young and in elementary school. She and her family were forced to leave in our small community because of neighbor's differences. Her neighbor treated to kill her and her family.

Before that her family was living a simple life because they do not have money to buy foods and other luxury things. In fact they only ate bananas and happy if they could have a cheap fish for dinner. Most of their diets consist of boiled banana, sweet potato, Cassava and dried fish or salted fish. Sometimes they are lucky if they would have salt in their table with chili and vinegar as their viand. She also tried banana cake recipe too but seldom because it is very expensive.

When she and her family left the place, they do not know where to go and how to start a new life. She has no money except for a five months house rental budget. She never lost hope, she confessed to my mother later on. She started to lent money to the fish vendors and still ate food from the wet market like fish that is beginning to spoil and not so fresh vegetables in vegetables market. She made their life very simple and do not eat processed foods like hotdog or can goods and etc. Their life changed dramatically by being simple and investing money in lending. Until now I still saw her roaming in the fish market and look for the cheapest fish around before she would decide to buy. This is the way on how to live healthy and wealthy.

Staying healthy can save you money because you avoid the hospital and drugs that are costly today. Avoiding expensive processed foods is her secret of living healthy and wealthy. She is now one of the richest individual in our province. You could just imagine a less educated woman who became rich. Many people do not know that simple life style can make you live healthy and wealthy.

Education is not only taught in school but through experience as well. You can learn by observing things around and how the people and market move. She may lack in formal education but learned a lot about business and investment which are very important. She do not care if she looked cheap after all she came from nothing. So this is a simple story on how to live healthy and wealth at the same time.

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