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Kidney Stones

Yesterday I was very busy working for our simulator for airborne training. Actually it is a big motor with diffuser to blow a very strong wind so that anyone wants to fly will float over it. When you fly here, no need for you to use a parachute. The Latvian Instructor will teach you everything on how to float utilizing the strong blow of the wind produced by the motor.

Anyway I felt to pee during that long hour of testing the motor running. I went to the toilet feeling to pee but I also felt something that hurt inside like a needle and I new that it is a stone. When I urinate it went out also, a small crystal form stone. I was relieved when it went out and I picked it up and show it to my friend.

Today I read that eating watermelons will also help clean your body including your kidneys and I am sure now that the stone melt with the fruits that I ate. Imagine watermelons is almost all water and it is not concentrated liquid. This problem of mind always occur after awhile. Drinking lots of water is not enough, you need also to watch your diet and what kind of foods that you will eat. The article also said to avoid coffee and chocolate, my favorites.

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