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Metal Bender

Last month I received ten pieces of metal for our diffuser in our Free Falling System. They are actually coming from Canada after many months of waiting. By the way the vendors of our Free Falling System is from Canada but after he finished the project, there was a problem of the system, the diffuser produced cracks so the vendors decided to change it with metals coming from Canada without any welding on it. The metal plates will be installed using bolt and nuts with metal bars as support.

When I saw the plates I was amazed because they are designed perfectly that you could not imagine that they are bent. They look very smooth that as if they were done using a design that a melted metal is poured on it and produced such form. The owner told me that it was done using rollform equipment in Canada. He said that he is a constant customer of the company because he has many project around the world including Latvia. In fact our teacher is from Latvia. He taught everyone on how to fly.

I asked him about the website of the company that offer metal bending service and I browsed the website and found out that it is near in Toronto, Canada. The company has been in the business for more than 35 years and they have 30 engineers to do the design and task that you want. One of their services is garage door panel. The rollforming process is automatic using their modern technology. The result is very beautiful and state of the art metal door that everyone well appreciate.

For other metal forming service visit their website now. I am sure you would be very happy because when I received the metal plates I was very happy that I installed them immediately. With 35 years of service to Canadian people, I am sure they can do what you want them to do with regards in metal bending and rolling services.

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