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OFW life Cycle

The Philippines is known for exporting manpower around the world. In fact millions of Filipinos are living outside the Philippines. According to statistics, we have at least 86 millions Filipinos right now or more. As the population ballooned, we experienced poverty and worst, the government did less to solve this on and on problem.

I read an article in ABS-CBN website that is writing about OFW to teach young people about technology so that they can use it for applying abroad. How pathetic? Is this the only way to help people in the Philippines? Encouraging them to learn something so that they can work abroad? The government should find a way to help people in the Philippines to have their own livelihood.

I am working here in Middle East but I long also to stay in the Philippines for good. I have been away for almost ten years and honestly if you do not plan your life, you will stay here more than that and still will go home empty handed. Most of the OFW's who worked far away from home will go home not even secured when they become old.

My advice for them is to set aside some amount for their future like paying SSS or save the money and invest it in the Philippines. By doing so you could start a new life after working abroad for a long time. If you save at least 10% of your monthly salary before any deduction, what I meant you take 10% in your gross salary and save it and when you are in the Philippines, invest it in business that at least will grow 10% each then you will only work abroad for 10 years and by that time your business or money will have grown to a certain level that it can afford to sustain your family. 10% is a conservative savings, you can go for 20% or even 50% as you wish.

After 10 years, the income from your savings which became a business will overtake your monthly salary. Try it and compute and you will know that I am telling the truth. Do the math!

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