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Rice shortage - how to solve?

Rice Shortage
Most of the Asians eat rice. But lately the price of the rice went up like crude oil and gasoline. Rice Shortage should be addressed by the government otherwise everyone will suffer the price hike. Philippines is severely affected by this crisis because all Filipinos eat rice and in fact in every meals rice is main food than bread which Western people preferred. It is very ironic that the Philippines will be affected by this crisis because the Miracle Rice was discovered or was invented in the Philippines during the time of Marcos In 1970's. Other neighboring countries just acquired the technology like Thailand and India. The Philippines could not stand by itself when it comes to rice, it needs to import rice otherwise many will starve.

I do not know what the government is doing about this problem. Right now the Saudi Arabian government is investing rice because all of the Saudi people eat rice too though they don't like much to Thailand rice but they invest there for rice plantation since Saudi Arabia is a big desert. Even the OFWs are affected by this because almost all the commodities here in Middle East are rising too. The Philippines government must find a long term solutions so that it will never happen again. It is always the negligence that make us all helpless.

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