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Telephone Connection promo

The other day I applied for a telephone connection because there is a free connection promo. The operator said that it will be done within 24 hours. But until now there is no news or follow-up about it. Well it always happened like this ever since and nothing has changed. I am waiting for them to visit my place. This the usual problem if there is only one telephone company, you do not have a choice but to wait patiently until your eyes turn to white.

I am waiting for the this connection because I blog almost everyday and I have lots of entries to publish. Anyway the Internet cafe is very near but you know the charge is expensive. I have also to cancel our old number because the line is not good and the owner of it is in vacation. As of now I am waiting for the telephone man to come and install a new line for us.

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how to make money said...

When you order a new landline we check your property to see if we can connect you easily or if you need an engineer visit. If a connection charge applies – most people find they don't need to pay this – it costs £30 if you're just taking a BT line or free with any broadband package.

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