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Benefits of Kava

What is Kava? First of all this herb is consumed as beverage in Hawaii and some part of Oceana for social gathering and drink as a mood enhancing. Later it was known that Kava can heal different kind and wide range of condition. This plant is initially used to cure some genital diseases like urogenital inflammation and cystitis. Later on it is drink to soothe headache, good urination, restore vigor and heal cough, tuberculosis and even stomach spasm. It is used for healthy being.

It is also effective in curing inflammation due to sting and fungal infection. Kava is also good in some sexual diseases like Gonorrhea and it is known throughout the population who drink kava and it is well documented.

Now the question is how safe is kava? Well according to report kava has no ill side effect and in fact became very famous for the past ten years that it is sold around the world for people who want to have a healthy lifestyle.

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bob said...

This is a really cool site with tons of info on kava www.salviasociety.org/kava-kava/

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