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Diabetes Free Test Meter

One of the deadly diseases is diabetes and most of the other diseases are the result of it. Heart disease, kidney failure and hypertension are the result of diabetes. It is associated with high in sugar to your blood. In ancient India, they will know if you are diabetic by putting your urine in the ground and if the ants will be attracted to it then you are diabetic because your urine is sweet.

If you have a high blood glucose level then you are diabetic. Diabetes according to medical study is to lifestyle and hereditary. Most of the western people are diabetic. 2.5% of the world population is diabetic and in 2030, they believe that it will double but most the people are coming from Asia and Africa due to lifestyle change. Some of the symptoms of being diabetic are excessive urination due to high blood glucose level. Of course when you always pee, you also take more water as you will feel thirst all of the time. Another sign is blurred vision due to high blood glucose level in eye’s optics, sudden loss of weight. It will also affect your sexual life as your penis will not erect anymore. Poor healing of wounds and can lead to blindness also.

There is no cure for this disease but most of the doctor’s recommendation is to change your lifestyle and do lots of exercise. This will include avoiding sweet and some kind of food that we think have no sugar like carbohydrates and some kind of fruits. The first the doctor will do is to test your blood sugar level using a kit. You can do this at home provided you are taught on how to do it. Buy blood glucose test strips and get a free blood glucose meter. Right now most of these products are affordable to everyone plus the free blood glucose meter.

There are many products for diabetic people that you might need if you want to do the test at home but do not forget to ask for assistance if you are not sure because I knew someone died because she misread the result or the meter was already malfunctioning. Ask for advice the doctor you know and ask somebody in your house to help you.

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