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Collecting Rare Coins

Lately I start collecting coins from my friends who are expatriates too from different countries here in Saudi Arabia. It becomes a hobby to me especially that I heard that collecting them might give you a big money in the future. Heirlooms and antiques are best items to collect. The value of it in the future might give you a fortune. There are times that they will become expensive if they become very rare in the future. Like for example a rare coin might pitch for a million dollar if someday it becomes a collector items which will be auctioned in New York or London.

Rich people are fun of collecting valuable things, not limited to real estate but to personal things too. Diversity always plays an important part in gaining financial freedom in the future to come. My friend’s pastime is collecting figurines in every country that he visited. I told him that he can collect or buy coins when he will visit Monaco in the near future. He asked me if where Monaco is, and I told him that I think Monaco is in France and a very small country with lots of Casino. My friend is only familiar with Las Vegas when it comes with casino. He lacks knowledge in geography even if he traveled a lot.

So if I were you, you collect some rare items like rare coins and who knows it will become very expensive in the future. Aside from that it is a pride to have some collection aside from being rich.

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