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Why Zinc is very Important in our Body?


Here's why zinc is needed in the body: This mineral is important in prostate gland function and the growth of reproductive organs. It also prevents acne and regulates the activity of oil glands. Zinc also protects the liver from chemical damage and is vital for bone formation. Zinc also allows acuity of taste and smell. It is required for protein synthesis and collagen formation and promotes a healthy immune system and the healing of wounds. Sufficient intake and absorption of zinc are needed to maintain the proper concentration of Vitamin E in the blood.

Other signs of deficiency in zinc include: acne, delayed sexual maturation, hair loss, high cholesterol levels, impaired night vision, impotence, increased susceptibility to infection, infertility, memory impairment, a propensity to diabetes, prostate trouble, recurrent colds and flu, skin lesions and slow wound healing. One of the treatments that were given to my mom's wound abscess was
zinc oxide ointment to hasten the healing process.

Zinc is found in the following food sources:
Brewer's yeast, egg yolks, fish, lamb, goat,legumes, lima beans, liver, meats, mush-rooms, oysters, pecans, poultry, pumpkin
seeds, sardines, lecithin, soybeans, sunflower seeds and whole grains.

Zinc levels may be lowered by diarrhea, kidney disease, cirrhosis of the liver, diabetes or the consumption of fiber, which causes zinc to be excreted in the intestinal tract. A significant amount of zinc also lost in the perspiration. A consumption of hard water also can upset zinc levels. If you are taking iron supplements, take them at a separate time. If these two minerals (iron & zinc) are taken together, they interfere with each others activity.

Caution- Do not take a total of more than 100 milligrams of zinc daily. If you intend to take supplemental of this mineral, 100 milligrams can enhance the immune system, however, if it is more than 100 milligrams it can depress the immune system.

"Anything that is too much is no good."

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Make Money on the Internet said...

Zinc is among the minerals which are naturally found inside our bodies, as well as very important to a lot of bodily processes. Zinc is needed on a cellular stage to assist in cellular division as well as aids in liver performance and also speeding up the restorative healing of injuries.

how to make money said...

Zinc is very important, as it plays a crucial role with hundreds of processes in the human body. The most prominent functions include support of the immune system, joints, tissues, along with aiding in cell growth. Zinc supplements have also been proven to eliminate sexual dysfunction, boost sexual function, aid in the health of the hair, and help with skin wound healing.

how to make money said...

Most of us are aware that many teen age girls become obsessive with their bodies (no thanks to society and the advertising media) and stop eating many of the foods that contain zinc. Some foods on their no-no list are red meat, peanut butter, and the dark meat from poultry. From this point, the problem becomes two-fold. Zinc deficiency will also cause a loss of appetite, which in turn results in or contributes to eating disorders.

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