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Omega-3 Oil | What is it?


What is Omega-3 Oil? I will explain this in my own understanding. There are lots of scientific terms which I think are very annoying to your eyes and ears. Anyway, let start with what we eat. Foods with lots of oil are bad for your health. Agree? No, not all as a lot of new findings are pointing to good kind of oil that can melt bad oil in our body like cholesterol deposits in out body that will lead to heart diseases and high blood pressure or hypertension. So what are these foods? They are actually fish in the deep sea. Big fish like tuna, cod, salmon, mackerel and alike. Fishes which we think are good sources of iron and calcium have no fats like them. So next time includes some fish that I mentioned above and I am sure you will have a healthy heart and sound body. Fish Oil is good for the health.

Omega-3 fatty acid is good for your health. There is also another fatty acid which is called Omega 6. Both of these fats can be found in fish and other botanical products. They are beneficial in heart problem. But before taking it, the researcher said that the patient must consult a doctor first if how much is the dosage.

Here are some areas where the Omega 3 and 6 are taken for health advantages: Autism, Low Birth Weight, Psychological Disorders and etc.

Dietary Sources of these fatty acids are:
Fish like mackerel, sardines, wild salmon, tuna, cod, herring, and anchovies
Botanical Sources are Flax, Kiwi, Chia, Perilla, Lingonberry, Purslane, Hemp, and Sea Buckthorn.

Others Sources are:
Chicken Eggs feed on insects and green leaves, Krill, meat from grass-fed animals, Acai palm fruits, walnuts and capsules as a daily supplement.

Another thing to consider is the ratio of Omega-3 and Omega 6, Omega 6 should not be taken four times more of that Omega 3. Oil from the fish body is better than that of fish liver oil.

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