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Business Softwares

If you have a business right I think it is better to upgrade it to the next level. Having a high tech software can improve your product sales. The team foundation server hosting can help you because they have many software like ShareCad, sharemeeting which are very useful in your business. The good news is you can access it anywhere via internet. You can set it up in an hour and with complete support from the team.

ShareCad is one of their products that amazed me because when I was working before as Cad Operator, this new feature is not yet available like sharing the drawing in the Internet. Before there was no collaboration, it was a stand alone project. Using software as a service tfs has many advantage like free customization rather than hiring an IT expert and paying them monthly. This is a way of saving more money in maintenance.

Try tfs hosting today and see the difference. Try their bundles for more experience or you could try their service in 30 days and if you are not satisfied then they will refund your money.

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