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Chef Aprons

One of my ambitions before is to work in a luxury ship vessel as a cook or chef because I like foods especially Italian and Japanese Cuisines. Unfortunately I studied engineering because I got some allowance from it and we were poor then. We are rich now lol. Honestly I must say that at less now I can afford to study Hotel and Restaurant Management course if I want to now but it is too late. If I had a choice before, surely I would study cooking. Another thing I like this job is because they look clean with their aprons when they are in the kitchen. The chef usually or always wear white color uniform with apron to stay clean and also make the foods clean too.

How about you do you like to study Hotel and Restaurant management too? This is a nice job. I remembered watching the movie of Catherine Zeta-Jones and I loved that movie entitled "No Reservation".

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The Fitness Diva said...

It's never too late! You can always make that your second career.
You said that money is no problem now, so why not go for it?
I think that you should always follow your passion whenever you can (and if you can afford it).
Hopefully you can make it happen! :)

cheap nursing scrubs said...

Nice share buddy.

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