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Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry
Diamond is the most precious stone in the world and also the hardest. Diamonds are used in industrial field as a tool because it is very hard and only other diamond can create abrasion to its surface. Diamond mine can be found mostly in African Continent but other countries like Australia and India also produced diamonds. Today diamonds are also used for jewelry and in fact it is the most expensive stone too. Diamonds are used as stones in Engagement Rings, bracelets and even in some expensive watches. It is also very attractive when use as a pendant. There are many shapes and forms when it comes to jewelries. Most of these stones are incorporated to gold and platinum to glaze it beautifully.

Diamonds are the girl best friend and it is true because women prefer jewelries than men. Diamond is measured by weight and quality which is called carat. The higher the carat the more the price of the diamond. It is also perfect for diamond to incorporate it with other expensive gems like ruby emerald and etc.

Jewelry is one of the best investment because the value of these expensive metals and stones never depreciate. If you have extra money I would advice you to buy jewelries while it is still cheaper today.

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