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Digital Radio

When I was in college I already heard about digital radio. I was thinking that having a radio receiver with digital tuner is what they meant but I was wrong. It must also be the transmitter need to be digital in order to work. This is not so popular with other third world countries right now but here in United States it is. You might think that it is a satellite radio, no it is only a digital AM and FM Radio with good quality sound to listen to. So if you want to listen to your local radio stations right now you can detect or observe the difference.
For a perfect listening and compatibility to your favorite local station, you better buy Polk iSonic ES2. It is elegant and you can insert your iPod for music downloading. Of course there are many models and brands out there if you want other preference.

Right now iPod has become the Walkman to the people on the go so why not utilize it to download your favorite music? iPod Tagging is also one of the feature of the receiver.

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