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Health Benefits of Radish

health benefits of radish
Health Benefits of Radish
They talk about arthritis and gout. Alternative medicine was then the topic and what strike me was the Radish. An old lady swore about the health benefits of Radish like it was good for kidney stones and told us to grind the radish and strain the juice and left it overnight in the window sill and drink the juice in the morning. So then I gather more information on radish. That is just some of the Health Benefits of Radish. There are many health benefits of it like digesting starchy foods in your stomach.

There's 2 kind of radish, one that cherry size red radish and the other one long white radish. I found out that radish helps in digesting starchy food such as grains, pastas, potatoes. This is due to the presence of a special digestive enzyme called diastase. They also remove hard fats deposits embedded in body tissue.
Radish can also stops chronic coughing and raging fevers by boiling radish with pork for 40 minutes. Several cups of this lukewarm broth taken each day to relieve spasmodic coughing, reducing high fever. It also controls diarrhea. It prevents gallstone and kidney stones.

To make a daily drink, put in the blender 2 chopped red radishes and 1/2 cup red wine.This mixture will be taken twice a day for difficult urination too. Radish can also be used as foot and underarm deodorant. The juice from about 2 dozens radish may either be put in an empty lotion bottle with a squirt top or a bottle with a hand spray on it.About 1/4 tsp. of glycerin is added to the juice before bottling to preserve it longer, but if you intend just to refrigerate, there's no need to add glycerin.

It is also good for quick remedy for scalds and burns,Pureed radish with ice applied to burns can give immediate relief from pain and slow down infection and to speed up healing, you can add to pureed radish some few tablets of zinc and 1 tsp. vitamin E oil. Fresh radish and radish seeds can also be a treatment for cancer.The use of the seeds made into a strong tea for reducing stomach cancer and their external application as a heated poultice for treating breast cancer in women.

Studies done in 1969, radish has health benefits when cook in wine and oil, is good for liver and spleen hardness and abdominal tumors. Another studies also in 1978 by Agricultural and Biological Chemistry showed that radish has a strong antibacterial properties which is very good for many different kinds of cancer. So eat radish now because it has lots of health benefits.

Other than radish there are foods that's highly recommended to prevent cancer such as cabbage, kale, kohlrabi,, Brussels sprouts, mustard greens, watercress, garlic and onions. There are also health benefits of Onions like it increases urine flow. Last but not the least radish can also improve for those suffering from hypothyroidism. You can osterize radish with water adding carrots, zucchini. With your soup (sinigang) just add radish or in your salad.

One Bol-anon said, I would just rather eat the radish rather than have the hassle of making juice. When I went to the supermarket, I was wondering what kind of fruit the lady ( she was rather either Chinese or Korean) was munching and she was eating "gusto"- too many people were staring at her, then I found out it was radish she was joyfully munching. Take advantage in the health benefits of Radish. Read also about Health Benefits of Garlic.

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