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Judaism Conversion

I am a Catholic and I was born and raised that way. There are many religions in this world that I forget the others. Most of the common religion today is Judaism, Christian where the Catholic is the dominant and the other is Islam. These religion happened in the same place but different time and in fact the books are somewhat related to each other.

Other religion includes Buddhism, Mormons, Taoist and the oldest which is Hinduism in India. Every religion claimed that they are the right way to heaven but nobody could reality tell which one is sure because nobody has been returned after they died and claimed that they reached the heaven or hell. Many people are converted from one religion to another looking for the right religion. But what is your opinion about this? Is this right? Do these people really found peace after all? Most of my friends who turn back against their first religion I found out that they changed for the better so I am happy for them because what is important to me is to see my friends happy and doing what is God is teaching us best on any scripture in which all are about love and happiness.

Madonna was once a devoted catholic and now she embrace Kabala and I found that she has changed a lot and even does charity works. If your conversion to Judaism changed you and even enlighten you about our creature then who am I to disagree. Rabbi Yitzhak Miller will tell you it is to be converted to Judaism. He is a former international businessman that left what he has to serve God. Well in his website you could what is Judaism is all about and there is a blog too for virtual interaction. No matter what is your belief I think what is more important is to love and respect each other because we are all God’s children, if we do these then this world will be a perfect place to live for every one of us.

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