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Meme me

I joined Sunday Stealing: The "More about me me me" Meme and you can join to if you like this post.
Cheers to all us thieves!

My favorite age: 18

My best friend(s): Jover, RR and Johnson

My celebrity crush: Angelina Jolie

My defining characteristic: I am not sure so tell me.

My most evil moment: I could not remember

My favorite food: Japanese Foods

My grossest injury: none

My biggest hatred: hypocrite

My most illegal activity: none

My need for justice: if I am underdog

My most knowledgeable field: Electronics

My life’s goal: to become multi-millionaire

My mother’s influence: Frugal

My nerdiest point: none

My oldest memory: looking for spider

My perfect date: none

My unanswered question: many I could not remember.

My random fact: Serious

My stupidest decision: Resigned in a very stable company.

My favorite television show: Oprah

My style of underwear: Giordano

My favorite vegetable: any

My weakest trait: easily get mad

My X-men power: none

My strongest yearning: To tour around the world

My moment of Zen: I could not remember

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