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Milk from China content Melamine

Melamine,milk from China
Sambong or (Blumea balsamifera)is very effective in preventing or fighting kidney stones and other related ailment. We all heard about the Milk scandal in China this passed few days and many of the children as more than 50,000 are admitted to the hospital only to find that they suffer kidney stones and UTI or Urinary Track Infection because of the Milk.

So if you are using milk for your kids and yourself please avoid milk that comes from China because it contents Melamine, a chemical that can cause kidney stones. There are three babies died already in China because of the milk. Right now the BPAD in the Philippines is conducting a milk test and band many milk brands including Nestle Brand, Anchor and Anlene. The Department of Health said not to buy milk that come from China.

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Kim said...

hi Edward
thanks for posting this ..I had heard about it a few days ago ..I will stay away from this brand in future,, :)
have a great weekend ...your blog is looking great :)

Anonymous said...

i have no idear what this is but anyway i dont live in china so stop bagging milk is good for you

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